I’ve been coaching executives for over 10 years now, and recently someone asked me exactly why my clients come for coaching, which prompted me to share the most common reasons.

Are you – or someone you know – in one or more of these situations without professional support?

  1. You are transitioning to a more senior or complex role and need a sounding board to talk through new challenges and/or strategy.
  2. You are interested in personal development and want intensive 1:1 support tailored to you and your path/purpose. You’d like this expert support in leadership development to help you to reach your full potential whilst maintaining balance and satisfaction in your work.
  3. You know that something is holding you back from achieving your true potential and you finally want to address this. It could be self confidence presenting to the board, or personal gravitas. It may be from your background e.g. you were told at school that you were no good at maths. Or it may just be that you struggle with listening to others, being patient, being present and grounded.
  4. You run the organisation and feel lonely/isolated at the top. You have a desire for expert counsel and a confidential sounding board. You might want to explore improving relationships amongst the board, discussing corporate strategy or simply share what is keeping you awake at night to brainstorm solutions.
  5. You are a senior leader or CEO who can influence the culture of your organization but you don’t know how. You want real, pragmatic understanding of what culture really is, how to change it and how you can measure the progress of that change.
  6. You have a recurring issue that you don’t seem to be able to resolve e.g. you always feel as if you are doing all the thinking and putting in all the energy to your team and you want them to contribute more ideas and ownership.
  7. You have a good job but it’s no longer fulfilling and the thought of continuing on the same path for the rest of your career is depressing. You may have financial and emotional commitments and feel trapped. It may feel like you have two conflicting voices within you, one telling you to leave and do something else, the other saying you can’t and have to stay and be responsible. This inner conflict will be driving you (and your family and friends if you share it) slightly crazy!

If someone you know comes to mind as you read this article, please share with them. We don’t have to do life alone and single-handedly. We also don’t have all the answers to our blocked thinking.

It comes back to that well-known quote:

“We can´t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”
– Albert Einstein.

Coaching is a great stepping stone to reaching the next level and doesn’t always have to be a long commitment. If time is an issue then consider coaching via Skype or phone, I often feel that clients open up more in the comfort of their own space, or through a telephone conversation.

If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Photo via Unsplash