What is a Midlife Awakening?

Are you in need of a change?

Maybe you’re thinking career, relationships, lifestyle for health reasons? Or is it simply a vague sense of ‘what is my life really about?’

Often in ‘mid-life’ we start to feel that we need something different or new, and we begin to change all sorts of things in the blind hope that this niggling feeling inside will be satisfied.

If this rings true and you feel that you need a change but don’t know what or how to achieve it, then click to receive a free copy of my ‘Mid-life Awakening’ report:

I hope it brings clarity and a sense of hope for your future. If you know anyone else who would benefit from reading this report please do feel free to pass it on!

Leaders in mid-life phase

My purpose is to support Leaders who are going through this key developmental phase. Once they have developed beyond this phase they are guaranteed to be better leaders and get far greater results for their organizations by creating clarity of direction and positive cultures.

Need some further advice?

If what I’ve written in this report leads you to think you are trying to tackle this phase without the support of an expert and you’d like to have a free 30 minute conversation about your (or a colleague’s) situation please contact me at rwatson@bromptonassociates.com or phone me on 07977 503 331.