A client of mine – who has an important interview coming up – shared this inspirational video clip with me. It’s a speech from Carla Harris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Morgan Stanley.

Her key 8 points for leaders are:

1) Authenticity – be authentic and it will build trust as well as motivate and inspire others to bring their authentic selves. When we are in an environment where we can bring our true selves, we outperform.

2) Trust – allows you to lead a team into the unknown. It is not just about having the ‘right answer’.

3) Clarity – a leader must define what success looks like – if you can’t do that for the long term, then just do it for this year, this month, this week, or even just today!

4) Create other leaders – leadership is a journey from execution to empowerment.

5) Diversity – every company is competing around innovation. For innovative ideas, you need a lot of different perspectives, which come from diverse backgrounds and life experience.

6) Inclusive – solicit everybody’s voice during meetings. Call each person to give their opinion and you won’t even have to do that in the next meeting because they will know it’s safe to speak and their view is valued.

7) Teach innovation – it needs to be OK to fail. Teach how to fail quickly and how to celebrate failure: you learnt from it and the next version will be better.

8) Use your voice – ‘call a thing a thing’. It’s your job and responsibility as a leader to say what is not right in the room.

All these things take COURAGE.

“Courage is the thread that goes through leadership”

What an inspirational message. Thank you Carla.

Watch the talk.