Private Coaching

I support leaders to become the best they can be – in terms of their own career, the happiness and productivity of their teams and the organisations that they lead.

I also work with people privately to find their true path in life. My approach to coaching involves the whole person (body, mind and spirit) as well as the whole system (the organisations and society in which clients work).

I coach my clients to find their own solutions to every day challenges, to connect to who they truly are and what they have to contribute. Through awareness of this, my clients have become healthier, happier and more successful leaders.

Areas of Coaching Expertise:

  • Tried and tested stress-reduction techniques e.g. 1 minute meditation and mindfulness
  • Prioritizing work and delegating – to regain energy and life balance
  • Emotional resilience and building gravitas
  • Understanding how you work psychologically so you can coach/mentor others
  • Shifting from operational leadership to strategic and inspirational leadership
  • Creating high performing teams and cultures
  • Attracting business and new opportunities
  • Awareness of energetic fields and how you can consciously influence them for amazing business results
  • Support and guidance for leaders going through key life stages of rapid psychological growth


Team Coaching

I also offer group coaching sessions, working within teams to achieve key results for specific outcomes or simply to motivate teams to collaborate successfully to create an open and harmonious environment.


Skype and Telephone Coaching

At first, most people want face-to-face coaching, but most of my clients that experience skype/telephone coaching comment that this is not only just as effective for gaining the results they desire, but also allows them freedom to chose exactly where and when they have their coaching sessions.

Where? Work with me from home – or any relaxing place – wearing your PJs if you like! No need to book a room, meet and greet, get a drink or be interrupted. We can really make the most of your precious time.

When? Choose a time that suits you. Are you better first thing in the morning or after you’ve got home from work? Schedule a session to set you up for the day, or where you have reflection time afterwards.
Connect to your inner wisdom… Enjoy more privacy – especially via phone – you can close your eyes and really connect to your inner wisdom without any inhibition. My clients feel ‘safer’ to go deeper and even address more potentially emotional topics that are blocking them.


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