A leadership support network to motivate and inspire

You may feel well trained for your career as a leader…

But if you could use a little ongoing support on this journey, then my “Inspired Leadership Community” is here to provide just that.

Whether you have worked with me in a workshop, in a 1:1, or attended my online ‘Leading a Coaching Culture’ course, then you have already gained the basic equipment for your role and committed to building the foundations of a career as an inspiring leader.

To remain motivated on this journey and maintain the good intentions you have set for yourself, it can help to have some regular support sessions with a community of people on a similar path, with expert guidance from a specialist coach – me!

By joining my Inspired Leadership Community, you will benefit from the support of a network of like-minded peers, as well as regular interactive sessions and coaching resources.

Here’s how it works:

  • We meet online for one 90-minute Zoom session per month where I will demonstrate coaching, followed by a Q&A.
  • Throughout the month you can email me any questions you have around your current role (you can do this anonymously) and I will take common/pertinent issues for our next 90 minute live group session Q&A section.
  • Following each session, I will provide a monthly written feedback reviewing all the submitted questions and answers, for further reading and exploration.
  • You will be encouraged to form peer-to-peer learning networks where you can meet during the month as often as you like to practise and support each other.
  • It’s a great chance to gain insight into how other organisations and cultures function, and to network with others who are developing similar leadership skills.

“We learn best in safe communities of like-minded people
where we can model from others and practise without being judged.”


Annual Subscription: £600

6 Months Subscription: £400

First Inspired Leadership Community session starts January 2021

For an optimum development experience for members I am limiting this community to a maximum of 20 people.