We often learn best in groups and from each other, so I regularly facilitate interactive workshops. I support the energetic field that we are all co-creating during the workshop, so that everyone has the best chance of shifting their level of consciousness around our workshop topic.

I run private workshops for individuals who are looking to find their career path and workshops for those wanting to learn more about the way I coach

Alternatively I can develop organisational specific workshops for clients to meet particular business need.

Here are some mini workshop taster sessions that I can offer:

The Decompression Zone

Guided focused session: 30-60 minutes of de-stress for up to 30 people

Take the time to revitalise your team’s energy levels.

  • Helps your team to re-focus
  • Enables effective decision-making
  • Manage stress levels
  • Lower sickness rates within the organisation

Prices start from £500 for a small team/group (up to 30 people)

Mini Culture Survey

Discover the hidden symbols in your workplace.

10 minutes online tool for building culture. Create self-motivation in your team.

  • What is and is not working within your organisation
  • What is important to the people in your team
  • How your team is experiencing the culture in their workplace
  • What they’d like to improve for the future

From £2000 for a small team/group (up to 20 people)

Lunchtime Talks

What can you learn in your lunch hour? 30 minutes talk, 30 minutes Q&A

  • How can I build resilience?
  • How should I engage my team?
  • Can I get more done, in less time?
  • What’s my true purpose?
  • How can I gain true buy-in?

Prices start from £500 at your workplace or a venue of your choice

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