The Decompression Zone

As humans we are not conditioned to enter certain physical environments without having technical intervention to aid us to survive: outer space or under water for instance.

Have you ever been scuba diving? It’s essential that you come up slowly, pausing at certain depths so that you don’t get ‘the bends’ – you need to go through a process of decompression to avoid damage to your body.

I have taken this idea and brought it into the workplace because, in fact, we are not really conditioned to work in the way that we so often do: for many hours on end, and under so much stress, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I normally only get the opportunity to help top leaders on a 1:1 basis and I often feel that this is not enough, as there are so many people within an organisation who are often struggling through the daily grind.

That’s why I wanted to create a low-cost solution for a high number of people: The Decompression Zone.


How and why should we ‘decompress’?

Often we can get the equivalent of ‘the bends’ at work – we get sick, feel trapped, stuck, start to forget things, react dramatically or simply become unable to face going into work one day… We display the physical and mental signs of stress.

I’ve experienced all of these symptoms when working as a lawyer, toiling away for very long hours under the constant pressure of time and perfection.

Sometimes, we just need the equivalent of a massage (or a large glass of wine!) to keep us sane at work.

I have devised a 30-60 minute guided experience that can be done at work (so long as you are happy to sit or lie on the floor). It can be attended by anyone. No preparation or prior skill is required. No notes will be taken. There are no group sharing or exercises to do. All you need to do is turn up and listen – and remember to keep breathing!

This is just a pure ‘detox’ experience that will help you/your team to reset and continue more positively in the environment that is causing them stress.

This will not fix the environment, but it is a lifeline for those who need to keep surviving in it without taking time off with back pain, headaches, hangovers or worse. A dose of fresh air to keep everything running smoothly.


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(Image credit: Stephen Leonardi via Unsplash)