Conscious Leadership is where a leader is consciously aware that their thoughts are creating their state, that the state they are in is affecting the energetic field within their organisation/department, and that it is this energy that others ‘feed’ off.

Why is it different from normal Leadership Coaching? 

My approach is to ‘wake’ my clients so that they understand the powerful universal laws at work and how they can use them to gain quantum shifts in performance, rather than keep working harder and longer in the same old way. It’s as radical a mindset shift as going from thinking the world was flat to realising it’s round!

What are the benefits of working with a Conscious Leadership Coach? 

More traditional coaching approaches use models like the GROW model to set goals and help clients be motivated to get them. Conscious Coaching helps clients develop their conscious awareness of how the outside world (the world outside of their own mind and body) is only a reflection of their inner world. The work is around raising my clients’ levels of consciousness so that the inside world aligns with the results they vision in the outside world. Leaders who have raised their levels of consciousness automatically create great cultures which attract customers/clients and top talent.

Who is Conscious Leadership Coaching for? 

It is ideal for leaders who may have already worked with more traditional coaches and are looking for the next level of development. Leaders who intuitively know they need to do something radically different to emerge as a front runner in the future. Anyone who knows that to drive even harder for results in the same old way, will lead to lower performance rather than higher.

Who is Conscious Leadership Coaching NOT for? 

This style of coaching is not suitable for more traditional leaders who find it difficult to take on new concepts.

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